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What to Expect

Steps of your Adoption Home Study journey:

Request Introductory Packet:
Email for more information and an Introductory Packet.  The Packet gives a good idea of what to expect during the home study process.  It includes a checklist of necessary documents needed for an accurate study and clearance request forms.  There is no obligation or cost to receiving this packet.

Get Started on your Home Study documents:

Once you complete this quick Application, you will receive a link to your customized task list, application, and home study documents.  Start filling out your home study material and safely uploading necessary docs.  

Schedule a Home Visit:
Once you've completed your packet, it's time to schedule your home visit.  Convenient evening and weekend appointments available and all family members living in the home are required to be present.
Gather necessary documents and obtain state and national clearances:
Follow your task list of necessary documents and instructions on how to obtain your FBI background check and Abuse/Neglect Registry Check for everyone in the home.  
Home Visit:
The home visit is a chance to see your family's environment, assess for safety concerns, learn more about your adoption journey, and review all required documents.  
Finalize Home Study report & Provide Support:
Your home study report can generally be completed two weeks after your home visit, provided all clearances and documents are received by then.  Texas Home Study provides any necessary documents to your agency and/or attorney in hopes of a smooth and successful adoption
Post Placement Visit (my favorite part): 
Once a child has been placed in your home a post placement visit or report is needed.  Depending on the details of the adoption, multiple post placement reports may be required.  Texas Home Study works closely with your agency or attorney to ensure proper post placement supervision and a smooth adoption finalization. 
Adoption What to Expect

In order to provide the most thorough and comprehensive home study possible, intimate details of your life must be shared.  It is understood that this type of full disclosure can cause anxiety and stress, so it is my purpose to build a good rapport with you and your family in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout this process. 


As a licensed professional I am bound by a code of ethics and can assure that all personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence.



The state of Texas mandates that certain topics are discussed during a home study interview:

  • Personal and Family Background

  • Previous and Current Relationships

  • Health Status of everyone in the home

  • Home and Living Environment

  • Fertility Issues and Motivation for Adoption

  • Financial Information

  • Child Rearing and Discipline Practices

  • Parenting Values and Expectations

  • Expectation of and plans for your adopted child


And Texas Home Study assures you that we meet, and in most cases exceed, state requirements for adoption home studies.

Home Studies What to Expect
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