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Personal Reviews

We are very fortunate to receive continuous reviews of our home study services












"Cheryl was absolutely amazing to work with.  From our first time reaching out to her she was very responsive, even after hours.  She worked diligently with us so that we could have our home study completed before we went on vacation so we could truly relax.  She was so kind and nonjudgmental.  We're so glad we were put in touch with her and excited to work with her post placement." 

Anna, Texas

"I really appreciate how you have helped us through this process.  Before we called you at Texas Home Study, we were stressed and praying to the good Lord Jesus to help us find someone that could help us with an adoption home study process under such short notice.  From day1 of speaking with you on the phone, you encouraged us that you would try your best to make this a smooth and quick process even though we were stressed to get it all completed in time knowing the birth mother was only about 6 weeks away from delivery.  You were so very kind and helpful in explaining and directing us through the Home Study Information ( even though you were on vacation with your family ).  You made this process truly pleasant, enjoyable and expedient for us even though we were short on time.  If we choose to adopt again, we are definitely going to request your help again.  You and Texas Home Study have definitely been an answer to our prayers."

-Granbury, Texas

"Very professional and kind people.  They gave us all the information we needed for the home study.  Would definitely use them again if we needed a home study done."

-Tyler, Texas

"Cheryl has been amazing to work with through the home study process.  She was willing to travel to my home when most agencies wouldn't.  She has been so kind and helpful in what can be a very stressful time.  She's always very prompt in her communications and answers all the questions I have.  I would highly recommend her."

- Harlingen, Texas

"I was in immediate need of a home study for a step-parent adoption.  Many of the places I contacted were unresponsive.  Cheryl was very quick to respond and get me in contact with Anna.  Anna came to our house and was so great with our kids.  She was so nice and very responsive with any questions I had moving forward.  I would definitely recommend!"

-Frisco, Texas

"I called 5 different home study groups and no one would help me.  When Cheryl heard of the spot I was in she immediately put me in contact with Anna.  Anna came the same day (as we had court the next week) and helped us through the process.  She made it as quick and easy as possible.  My lawyer said it was the best most informative and professional Home Study she had ever seen!  I promise you will not be disappointed here!  We're so thankful to have found them both!"

-Canton, Texas

"Cheryl was easy to work with adn very helpful!  She was very kind throughout the process and made the home visit very laid back and stress free.  I would highly recommend her services!" 

-Hutto, Texas

"Cheryl was so great to work with!  She was very responsive and kind throughout the entire process and made us feel comfortable to just be ourselves.  We highly recommend her!"

-San Antonio, Texas

"Cheryl was so easy to work with.  The online portal made it super easy as well."

-Austin, Texas

"I wish I would have known how easy the process actually was instead of stressing over how time-consuming I thought it would be.  Cheryl was so organized and efficient and made our experience so positive.  The home study part of the adoption process has the reputation of being stressful and long, but we had the opposite experience.  We would absolutely recommend Cheryl to anyone needing a home study."

-New Braunfels, Texas

"Working with and meeting Cheryl was the best part of the home study experience.  I was very nervous to have to go through the home study process, but Cheryl made me feel comfortable and supported through the process.  I am so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her on this!"

-Dallas, Texas

"Cheryl Duke was an excellent choice for our home study.  We were in a bit of a time crunch to get it complete and she assisted with every step of the way, as well as schedule the home visit in a timely manner.  She is very polite and it is obvious she loves what she does.  Our adoption is interstate and Cheryl has communicated with our attorney and sent the documents required in a timely manner as well.  Since it is an interstate adoption we're required to have a few more home visits before our adoption is finalized, and we look forward to working with Cheryl again."

-San Antonio, Texas 

"We cannot thank you enough for how easy you have made the past few months and our whole adoption process.  You are a gift from God!!"

-Fort Worth, Texas

"We worked with Cheryl to complete our home study for a private adoption.  We previously had adverse experiences with foster to adopt so we were anxious about private adoption.  Cheryl was kind, patient, and knowledgeable.  The home study she wrote was an exceptional snip it of us and our life.  She wrote as she had known us for ages.  Her work assisted in our adoption of a newborn baby boy."

-Bulverde, Texas

"Thank you so much for all you did, Cheryl.  I know you put in extra work to have it done for us so quickly.  We appreciate it!  It was less scary than we imagined.  I was expecting to be grilled on some really tough questions, but it was way more or a conversation than an interview.  When we did not really know the answer or you did ask something that maybe we hadn't discussed as husband/wife previously, you kind of helped guide us."

-Fort Worth, Texas

"When my husband & I started our adoption journey, we had no idea where to start.  We quickly realized a home study was crucial and reached out to Cheryl.  Every moment of this process, she has been kind, patient, professional, and has offered more guidance than we could have expected.  She has a great work ethic - very quick to respond.  When she came to the house, she was warm & welcoming, which made the overall process wonderful.  We are extremely appreciative of her services and would 100% recommend her to anyone in need of a home study.  Thank you, Cheryl!"

-Weatherford, Texas

"I was anxious going into the adoption process but from the first contact with Cheryl she provided great information and, more importantly, made me feel comfortable and confident.  She is friendly and knowledgeable and I can see that she just wants to help families through the complicated adoption journey."

-Houston, Texas

"Cheryl Duke has been amazing to work with.  She got my homestudy done faster and less stressful than I could have imagined and this was around the holidays so that says a lot!"

-Austin, Texas

"You are so kind and seem to genuinely care about the work you do and that is a great reassurance through the whole process.  It is clear that you have experience, knowledge and confidence in your work.  We always felt like we were in good hands!  Also, we sincerely appreciated the patience you displayed even when I know we had asked he same silly questions more than once.  You are so quick to respond and were incredibly flexible getting us in on short notice.  Our previous home study was uncomfortable; it felt like an interrogation and invasion of privacy.  We felt like we had to prove ourselves worthy of a child.  It was one of the most dreaded tasks of our last adoption and we were assuming it would be the same this time around.  Boy were we wrong!  You were so sweet and fun right off the bat, it felt more like catching up with an old friend!  Our kids were so comfortable I was certain they would never let you leave, haha!  If we were to ever adopt again in the future, we would consider it an honor to get to work with you again!  We would not hesitate to recommend your service with the highest esteem to anyone and everyone looking to adopt!"

-Cleburne, Texas

"5 Stars!!  Cheryl Duke recently guided us through our adoption home study. She is truly talented and gifted in her line of work. Throughout the paperwork for the study she was extremely helpful and always very quick to respond to emails. Cheryl definitely made the whole process very streamlined and simple. We thoroughly enjoyed being with her when she came for the home visit, and we feel like we are good friends after meeting her only one time! We would highly recommend her to anyone needing her services."

-El Campo, Texas

"Without hesitation we reached out to Cheryl to begin the process, hoping that the many reviews speaking about her personality and way or working were accurate.  The two of us realized quickly that all the reviews were spot on.  Cheryl's amazing ability to communicate in a safe and compassionate way coupled with her willingness to embrace technology made the entire home study process as stress-free as possible.  From filling out the questionnaire to uploading the necessary documentation, we knew exactly what we should be working on and how to accomplish it.  When we had finally scheduled the home visit we were so excited to meet Cheryl in person.  The way she honored our space and our story that day was unbelievable.  She created an atmosphere that was relaxed, educational, warm, and fun.  We found that sharing the complexity and nuances of adoption was quite easy due to her conversational nature and overall demeanor.  After the in-person visit, Cheryl had our home study completed promptly and accurately!  Working with Cheryl was an absolute blessing and we are so thankful that we selected her as our home study professional."

-Houston, Texas

"We were very intimidated coming into the adoption process for the first time but Cheryl helped guide us all along the way. Very responsive to our questions and also helped us understand what to expect. We really enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her!"

-Coppell, Texas

"Our experience working with Cheryl was great.  Never felt like being interviewed during the interview process, it was more like having a conversation with an old friend.  She is very kind and a great a professional.  Cheryl made this part of our adoption process a breeze." 

-San Antonio, Texas

"Cheryl is absolutely amazing!  She drove all the way to our home on a Saturday for our homestudy.  Of course we were nervous but her kind and calming nature immediately put us at ease.  It was like having an old friend at the dinner table.  She was also very prompt and professional and answered every single question we had no matter how small or silly we thought it to be.  Highly recommend!!"

-Center, Texas

"Cheryl was amazing to work with. She was very responsive, knowledgeable, and helped to guide us through the process start to finish. We were also amazed by her quick turnaround! It was nice to have such a friendly face to guide us through what can be a daunting process."

-Frisco, Texas

"Cheryl was absolutely wonderful!  She was flexible with scheduling a time to come do our home study.  She was also so kind and in depth when interviewing us.  Her passion for adoptive families is incredibly apparent.  I would highly recommend Cheryl and can't wait to see her for our post-adoption follow up!"

-Burkburnett, Texas

"When we started our path towards our second adoption, we dreaded starting the home study process again! Cheryl at Texas Home Study was a complete game changer for us. She was professional, polite, very quick to return any call or email, and was so knowledgeable. We were never made to feel like we were bothering her with our millions of questions. If you are looking for someone to complete your homestudy, look no further!"

-Rosharon, Texas 

"We are so thankful we chose Cheryl to work with for our home study. She was very professional, very understanding when I needed to reschedule (not once but twice) and just full of joy! She really cares about the families she works with and this shows very easily through her work! We would HIGHLY recommend Cheryl to anyone looking for a home study! "

-Liberty Hill, Texas

"Cheryl was wonderful to work with for our homestudy!  The mountains of paperwork in the adoption process can be daunting but everything with Cheryl was straightforward and simple to follow and keep up with.  She made the process completely stress free.  She is quick to respond to email or over the phone with questions and was very flexible and accommodating with scheduling.  She was a delight to interact with and go over everything with during her home visit.  Our kids felt completely at ease and really enjoyed talking with her.  She definitely made me think 'Wow, how wonderful to be connected to such a wonderful person through this adoption process.'  I am thankful Cheryl and people like her exist and have chosen to use their gifts ultimately to serve vulnerable children.  Cheryl's part in the puzzle of helping to facilitate adoptions and making sure adoptive families are safe families is invaluable and she does it with great skill.  I hope everyone needed a home study gets to work with Cheryl, they would be so blessed by her!"

-Austin, Texas

"Cheryl was a joy to work with.  She responded promptly and made us feel at ease during the whole interview process from start to finish.  I would recommend her services to anyone in need of a home study and look forward to working together with her during the rest of our adoption journey."

-Garden Ridge, Texas

"Texas Home Study was an excellent choice for our family.  Cheryl was professional and helpful throughout the entire process.  She answered my questions fully and promptly.  She was able to get our home study complete within a tight deadline and the end product was a detailed report that I felt proud to present in our case.  She made a daunting process feel simple and it was an absolute pleasure working with her."

-La Grange, Texas

"Cheryl Duke was very professional in all of her responses to me regarding our home study.  She was prompt, very detailed and kept us on track to complete our study in a timely manner.  She was very personable and I really enjoyed working with her."

-Sumner, Texas

"Our experience with Cheryl Duke, Texas Home Study has been absolutely great.  My spouse and I have been referred to her, along with some other providers, by our Adoption Agency and I have to say that it was the best choice we could possibly make.  Since the very beginning Cheryl made the process very clear and she sent a detailed information packet that outlined all the requirements and the documentation to fill in.  She has been very reliable and accommodating in responding to all questions that we had in less than 24 hours.  The process went fast and smooth, from submission of the required documentation electronically, to the home visit.  We were a little scared as we were expecting some sort of inquisitive experience going into the most subtle details of our lives, whereas Cheryl made us feel very comfortable in opening our background and experiences to her and sharing our plans for the future and our desire to adopt a child.  During the whole visit she was extremely pleasant and we almost felt like we were talking to an old friend rather than a stranger that was there to write a report on us.  After the home visit, the process went even faster than expected as Cheryl was able to write up the home study report in a very short time and coordinated directly with our Adoption Agency for any questions or comments.  In summary, it was a great experience with no feel of stress whatsoever.  Should we ever need such service again, we would definitely go back to Texas Home Study as Cheryl Duke was very competent and professional during the whole process."

-Houston, Texas  

"My husband and I hired Cheryl Duke with Texas Home Study to write a home study report for us when we were pursuing an adoption earlier this year.  She was recommended by friends of ours and we were not disappointed.  In fact, the experience couldn't have been better!  Cheryl is very personable and immediately put us at ease.  We enjoyed having her in our home and getting to talk about our family with her.  We were pleased with the professionalism and comprehensiveness of the report that we received.  And surprisingly, the entire process was very quick.  We had anticipated being on a waiting list for some time or having to schedule really far out.  But Cheryl was able to visit us within a week of us contacting her and she delivered the report to us very promptly afterward.  We highly recommend Cheryl to anyone seeking a home study!"

-Austin, Texas 

"It was wonderful working with Cheryl at Texas Home Study.  She was professional, timely in her responses, and kept our homestudy on track.  We've actually worked with multiple agencies- both state and private -towards our adoption and fostering goals and Cheryl was not only easy to work with and to schedule time with, but also kept track of all of our paperwork so we never had to send her anything twice.  Would highly recommend anyone to work with Cheryl for their TX home study!"

-Houston, Texas

"Cheryl Duke with Texas Home Study conducted and provided a very thorough and professional home study and report to our family in July 2021.  She was very professional and timely in her communications and visit to our house.  We wanted to expedite the process and she worked and completed it as quickly as possible.  Cheryl was helpful and informative with all of our adoption questions.  She was more than willing to provide recommendations and share her knowledge in her area of expertise.  She went above and beyond our expectation for the whole process.  We are very appreciative of her services and would highly recommend Texas Home Study to anyone that is in need of a home study for adoption."

-Fort Worth, Texas 

"My husband and I's experience with Cheryl Duke was wonderful!  Cheryl is professional, kind, knowledgeable, and willing to answer any question in a timely manner.  The day of our home study we were so nervous.  As soon as she walked into our home, she made us feel comfortable.  When she talked to us, it seemed like we were talking to a friend.  We felt ourselves become relaxed and at ease during the process.  The biggest thing we were impressed with was the timeliness of getting our report back.  Cheryl got back to us in two weeks.  We highly recommend Texas Home Study if your family is thinking about adoption."

-Longview, Texas

"I was extremely pleased with you. You were so sweet and kind. Very easy to talk to. I appreciated that you replied to my emails so quickly. If I ever need another homestudy, I will definitely ask you to do it."

-Paris, Texas

"My experience with Cheryl was exemplary.  I was so nervous, but she was so sweet and put me at ease immediately.  Her questions were exactly what I expected and handled with tact and grace.  I was shocked at how easy the home study process was.  I would definitely use Texas Home Study again and recommend Cheryl to anyone who needs home study services."

-Celina, Texas  

"Cheryl of Texas Home Study was extremely responsive, professional, courteous, and more than willing to answer the questions we had about the entire adoption process.  Her thorough evaluation and interview process was incredibly personal, making it seem as though we were speaking with a long-time family friend.  We would definitely work with Texas Home Study again-- They have earned our highest endorsement and recommendation."

-Collinsville, Texas

"My husband and I were pleased to hire Cheryl Duke to complete our home study for our step parent adoption.  We searched and searched until we found the right person that we felt was meant to do the study.  She was very communicative from the beginning and well prepared and provided information along the way and respected our time frame of when we were ready to complete the home study.  She didn't rush us or push us to complete the process for her personal gain.  We set a date and completed the process at our own pace.  We welcomed her into our home and allowed her to engage with our family as freely as she wanted and she was very detailed about the questions she asked.  We feel she did an amazing job and just in time for my husband to adopt my oldest so that we can give her the gift of a new last name on her birth certificate as a Christmas gift.  If you are looking for a home study agent, Cheryl Duke is amazing, prompt, detailed, and very respectful.  We definitely recommend her."

-New Braunfels, Texas 

"Our experience with Texas Home Study was great!  Cheryl is very professional and always willing to answer questions.  This can be a daunting process, but Cheryl made it very manageable.  Highly recommend!"

-Midlothian, Texas

"Cheryl was great to work with for my home study!  She responded to all of  my questions incredibly quickly, and was always kind, reassuring and informative.  I'm very glad I chose Texas Home Study for this process!"

-Hurst, Texas

"It was a great pleasure to work with Cheryl.  She was fast and efficient with the process and very responsive to our needs.  She was able to make room in her busy schedule for us very quickly, and get our report back to us fast.  She responded almost immediately to my wife's first email contact, had us on the schedule the next week, and showed us exactly where to go to get all required checks and documentations.  We had her completed report in less than one month.  Thank you, Cheryl!"

-La Vernia, Texas

"Cheryl is amazing!!  She is very professional and really eased my mind during this long adoption process.  I'm so glad I chose her to do my home study.  I would definitely recommend her for any family that is considering adoption! :)"

-Hearne, Texas 

"We are so happy that we chose Cheryl Duke for complete our adoption home study. She was incredible to work with and made the whole process warm and enjoyable. There are so many different emotions that you go through during the adoption process. Cheryl was calming and reassuring during the whole time. She was always there to answer any and all questions, was clear about what was needed and walked us through every step.  Meeting face to face was no different, she made my whole family feel relaxed and at ease to be ourselves. Talking to her was natural and as easy as talking to a good friend.  I would whole heartedly recommend Texas Home Study and Cheryl to anyone needing a home study done. You will be so grateful you choose to work with them on your adoption journey."

-Fort Hood, Texas 

"I could not have asked for a better home study experience!  This was part of the process that I was most nervous about, because it's such a vulnerable time, however, Cheryl made me feel so at ease the entire time.  It was an absolute pleasure to get to work with her.  She is very quick to answer any questions, responds quickly to calls and emails, and always makes sure that you are well supported.  I would choose Cheryl over and over again to be my home study provider."

-Fort Worth, Texas  

"Cheryl was so great to work with for my adoption Home Study.  She was very patient with me and really helped to calm my nerves throughout the process.  I am adopting as a single parent and I have lots of questions being a new adoptive parent and doing this one my own.  Cheryl made the Home Study as simple as it could be.  She has been professional every step of the way.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to complete a Home Study in Texas."

-Austin, Texas 

"Cheryl was extremely easy to work with.  She also got me through the process much faster than I had been told to expect it would take.  She is willing to drive almost anywhere in the state of Texas!  She came out and met me and considered my unique situation.  I'll definitely work with her again in the future if I adopt again."

-Alba, Texas

"We were referred to Cheryl with Texas Home Study by some friends.  I reached out to Cheryl and she responded quickly and provided all of the information.  Cheryl helped us with our home study paperwork and was responsive when we reached out with questions.  While we were nervous for the home study interview, Cheryl quickly made my husband and I feel at ease.  She helped us understand more about adoption and ensured all of our questions were answered.  Talking with Cheryl during our home study interview was like talking with a friend.  I would absolutely recommend Texas Home Study!"

-Little Elm, Texas  

"We loved working with Cheryl.  She made the home study process so smooth and uncomplicated.  Our favorite thing about working with her was how quickly she got back to us.  She is very reliable and never left us hanging!  She helped us to feel comfortable during the home study and was ready to write our home study up and return it to us.  She's been available to answer any and all questions that we've had.  I couldn't recommend her more!  If you're in Texas and need a home study written, she is your woman!"

-Waco, Texas

"We cannot thank Cheryl enough for all she has done for us.  Not only did she take a seemly stressful situation and made it informative, but she also made it fun.  Her professionalism and courtesy were above and beyond what we expected.  She thoroughly explained every step, every detail, her responsiveness was beyond our expectations."

-Austin, Texas

"We are extremely thankful for Cheryl Duke from TxHomestudy, without her help and support, it would have been impossible for us to be holding our baby girl today!  We were in the process of relocating for an internal job transfer from Seattle to Austin, when we were notified about the opportunity to adopt the half-sister of our youngest daughter from Phoenix.  We contacted Cheryl on March 2nd and we would later find our daughter would be scheduled to be born March 24th.  During this short 3-week window, Cheryl took the challenge to work with us to complete our home study and help expedite the background clearances for TX, AZ, PA, and WA in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you so much for raising the bar and being part of our adoption journey!  We highly recommend Cheryl."

-Austin, Texas 

"Cheryl was so helpful as we prepared for our home study.  She was extremely responsive and helpful with any questions and concerns we had leading up to our home study.  When she arrived at our home, her sincere, calm, and friendly demeanor put us at ease immediately, and we felt like we were just talking to a friend.  My husband and I are so glad we reached out to her for this step of our adoption journey!"

-Hewitt, Texas

"You are a blessing! Thank you for the extraordinary work and effort to turn this around so quickly and help push for the clearances!"

-Hutto, Texas

"thank you for doing our homestudy.  The GAL, lawyer, and judge said that's the most thorough and in depth homestudy they've every seen.  They were very thankful for it.  Our adoption was finalized yesterday!"

-Mt. Pleasant, Texas

"Cheryl is AMAZING! She was there with us from our initial home study to our post-placement visits.  She's so friendly and made us feel at ease.  Cheryl was organized and made the process so much easier by guiding us through the paperwork and visit requirements.  We couldn't have asked for anyone better to help us through the adoption process-- we're grateful that we were able to work with Cheryl!"

-McKinney, Texas

"We really enjoy working with Cheryl.  She is responsive to all forms of communication and made the visit to our home pleasant and comforting.  Cheryl brings a cheerful and positive attitude and we are thankful to have been connected to her.  We are looking forward to continuing to work with Cheryl and highly recommend Texas Home Study.  Thanks Cheryl for being a blessing to our journey."

-College Station, Texas

"The home study process was one I was so concerned about, someone judging us in our safe space.  I can't thank you enough for how kind and supportive you have been throughout this process."

-Corinth, Texas

"Cheryl did a great job with our Home Study. She was extremely professional. She replied to my email request promptly and scheduled the home visit in a very convenient time and day for us. The turn around of our Home Study was very quick after her visit. We would certainly hire her again if we need to update our Home Study. Thank you Cheryl for assisting us with our Home Study."

-Houston, Texas

"I could not imagine a better person to assist us in our home study than Cheryl Duke. When we first started looking at the processes and requirements for the home study, we were a little intimidated as we were also completing procedures for our adoption agency. Before contacting Cheryl, while we were gathering the paperwork, we half expected the process to be an uphill challenge. Having been in the military and used to how government and paperwork mix, I did not have high expectations. To be honest prior to meeting Cheryl we kept thinking that we would be working with Roz from Monster’s Inc. I am glad to report that was nowhere near the case. Cheryl was amazing as she was always available for questions and became our ally through the entire stressful ordeal. We are extremely grateful for her assistance in our adoption journey!" 

-Anna, Texas

"My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl to complete our homestudy in order to apply for adoption.  Ms. Duke was attentive and responsive to all of our questions.  She provided clear instructions to properly prepare all the paperwork necessary for the homestudy.  During the interview process, Ms. Duke was very professional and friendly, which put us at ease.  Ms. Duke was very attentive and thorough in her work, and followed up for us on reports we were waiting on.  She provided a comprehensive, thoughtful report that we can use when we apply to an adoption agency.  Overall, we had a very positive experience working with Ms. Duke and would recommend her to other couples looking to adopt."

-San Antonio, Texas 

"Thank you so much! You made us feel so comfortable in this crazy journey and that was such a blessing to us."

-Fort Bliss, Texas

"We really appreciated working with you on this home study.  You were very thorough and communicated via email before the appointment, making it easier to get the paperwork done.  For the session you were punctual and friendly.  Speaking with you was easy and didn't feel like an interrogation at all.  The report was excellent and much more detailed that I expected.  Overall I'm very happy we were able to work with you."

-Austin, Texas

"Cheryl has been such a blessing.  Before we even met her, we had a million questions about the home study process.  She was VERY prompt to answer any of our questions or concerns and never made us feel like any of our questions were silly.  During the home visit, we were very nervous, but Cheryl was so kind and very easy to talk to.  She has been very patient with us during this stressful, but exciting time!  She came highly recommended by a friend, and we are so grateful we are working with such a caring person!"

-Brookshire, Texas

"Cheryl is amazing.  She makes a daunting process simple and easy.  She is excellent at setting expectations, helping navigate the process and made is so much less stressful than I thought it would be.  I would highly recommend her to everyone!"

-Mansfield, Texas

"We could not be more pleased with our home study experience.  My husband and I were nervous and not because we didn't think it would go well, but because we were unsure about the experience or what questions we would be asked.  From the moment Cheryl stepped into our home, we felt extremely comfortable with her.  She took a tour of our home and took notes, asked us questions regarding our personal lives, and had real life conversations about our jobs, interests, etc.... It was interesting to learn she is from the same small area in Texas that I am also from, so we were able to connect on a different level.  She was extremely kind, positive, and reassuring that we have a good life set up for a baby.  Our home study experience was very positive and comfortable because of Cheryl.  We are excited to be working with her and have her back in our home for the several months after we get chosen to be adoptive parents."

-New Braunfels, Texas

"My husband and I truly loved working with Cheryl Duke.  She is very kind, quick to reply, very helpful, and super supportive.  She got us the documents we needed very quickly.  We are so thankful we chose her to go along the journey of adopting with us!

I messaged Cheryl in January, and she got in contact with me very quickly regarding the services offered.  She sent me all of the paperwork needed so I could be better prepared for our first visit.  We booked our first visit, and when I had to reschedule because of an unfortunate issue with a skunk, she was very understanding, and we were able to reschedule very quickly.  When she came to our home, we immediately felt at peace.  Before she arrived we were so worried, because everyone tells you how scary and nerve racking a home study can be, but that is not what we experienced at all with her.  She made us feel calm, she is very easy to talk to, and she asked all questions respectfully, and made it more of a conversation.  We will definitely be recommending her to everyone we know who is planning to adopt, and we will be using her again, when we decide to adopt again."

-China Spring, Texas  

"We called Texas Home Study through an online search for a home study at a reasonable price.  Cheryl was incredibly friendly (in an otherwise stressful time) and has been unbelievably helpful even after she completed our home visit.  We had another social worker do our first adoption home study and I waited months and she was unresponsive and... well it ended alright, but with a lot of tears... this experience has been the exact opposite.  She was super fast at getting our home study and is also really knowledgeable throughout Texas of attorneys and agencies.  We couldn't recommend her more."

-Houston, Texas

"Cheryl was the most wonderful person to do something so overwhelming like this with.  From the very beginning, she eased our fears and anxieties about the process and continued to update us as we waited for our final checks from the state of Texas.  I could not recommend her enough, we look forward to her coming back to our home when our sweet baby comes home.  If you are in the market for this service, hands down Cheryl Duke should be your go to."

-Palmhurst, Texas  

"Cheryl was wonderful to work with! From the moment we contacted her she was nothing short of amazing and helpful.  We had read stories of how the home study was so scary and overwhelming, not once did we feel like that with Cheryl.  She was so kind and answered all of our questions (and we had a lot of questions!!) and she never seemed annoyed with us emailing, and calling her.  When she came to our home, we had felt like we had known her forever!  We showed her our house, she met our dogs, and we sat at our table and reviewed our paperwork.  Once Cheryl completed our home study report, she emailed us with a tracking number of the package coming.  We look forward to seeing her again as we continue of this journey of adoption!"

-Granbury, Texas

"I would highly recommend Cheryl and Texas Home Study.  Cheryl's personalized service, easy to understand packets of information, advice and guidance on completing the forms was outstanding and made the process smooth!  I have read horror stories on awful experiences with other companies and I have to say that it was really not stressful at all working with Cheryl on the home study process. You're not just a number, she genuinely cares and that shows.  She created our final report in a timely manner and we will continue using her for subsequent visits for future needs after placement!"

-Mansfield, Texas


"After several years of infertility my husband and I came to the realization that 'Our Child' wasn't meant to come from my body.  That's when we started to look into adoption and that's when we found Cheryl from Texas Home Study.  After going through years of struggling with infertility and now getting ready to face the challenges of adoption, Cheryl was our saving grace.  She was so kind to us and did her best to put our minds at ease.  I remember the first meeting we had with her, we were sooooo nervous that something  would go wrong of that she wouldn't like us or that the house wasn't clean enough... as you can imagine, the list went on and on!  But she was amazing!  She answered all of our questions.  She was fast and efficient and always very accommodating.  For us, the process started in late 2016 and by October 2017 we were parents!  After our son was born we had to have three more visits with Cheryl before the adoption was final.  It was so exciting to have her witness our journey from the beginning of the process all the way to the end with a baby in our arms!  Going through the adoption process you deal with lots of different people, everyone from attorneys to case workers to court staff, but Cheryl was truly our favorite person to work with during our adoption journey.  We plan on adopting one more baby and we will for sure be using Cheryl again!  We can't say enough good things about her!  She truly is amazing!"

-Magnolia, Texas

"Working with Cheryl was truly a pleasure.  We initially felt overwhelmed and a little anxious by the home study process.  However, Cheryl was very clear about each step, and happy to answer any questions we had.  When she came to our house, she was professional but also incredibly easy to talk to.  She was very kind and open with us, and really made us feel at ease.  In addition, she gave us such a glowing recommendation.  I really cannot recommend Cheryl highly enough- if you are looking for a home study, she is wonderful to work with.  Thank you Cheryl!"

-Austin, Texas

"Cheryl made us feel more at ease during the homestudy process and paperwork.  Going through all of this for the first time can be stressful but Cheryl always got back to us super quick whenever we had a question.  The paperwork was very clear and well organized as well.  The in home interview was not intimidating at all and she made us feel very comfortable!  All in all we feel very blessed to have had Cheryl be apart of this precious process for our family and would recommend her to everyone!"

-Bay City, Texas

"Cheryl was amazing to work with for our step parent adoption!  She was very understanding, empathetic, professional, and encouraging.  She made the Home Study less intimidating by communicating what was expected and needed for everything to be successful.  And she worked with us to meet our deadlines for the court hearing.  It was a pleasure to work with her."

-McKinney, Texas

"We had an amazing experience with Cheryl!  The home study packet was very organized and easy to follow to make sure all items were taken care of!  Cheryl was quick to respond and helped through our nerves before the visit.  The visit was great.  We felt very comfortable talking with Cheryl and going through information and documents needs to complete our study.  We are so lucky to be able to work with Texas Home Study!"

-New Braunfels, Texas

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about Cheryl.  The home study portion of the adoption process was my biggest fear, but she made it so easy!  The initial packet requires a lot of necessary information for the process and Cheryl was very prompt to reply if we had any questions.  When she came to do the home inspection portion of the study she was very warm and friendly and we were instantly at ease.  Conversation flowed easily and it felt as though we were sharing our journey with a friend rather than someone who was evaluating our answers.  She was very thorough and got our evaluation back to us promptly.  She was also able to give us a better idea of what to expect with the adoption process (which was a huge stress relief as the process can seem somewhat daunting).  I would absolutely recommend her if your're in need of a home study!"

-Bryan, Texas

"Cheryl was absolutely wonderful!  I had no idea where we needed to start and she gave us great direction and was informative about how this would work.  It was a pleasure to have her visit our home and help us make the adoption possible.  Thank you so much!"

-Lavon, Texas

"Cheryl has made our adoption process extremely smooth.  She is very easy to talk to and makes the visits super comfortable.  We highly recommend her!"

-College Station, Texas

"Cheryl was a fantastic choice for help in our first step of the adoption process.  She is prompt, knowledgeable, helpful, and personable.  She is quick with her responses when you have a question and works tirelessly to ensure your home study is completed as soon as possible.  Having a home study of course made us nervous, but Cheryl helped calm our anxieties with her kind and personable nature.  I highly recommend her services."

-Corpus Christi, Texas

"We were overwhelmed with the entire process until we met Cheryl.  She was patient and kind while guiding us through the home study process.  Cheryl went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable and she also drove quite a distance to see us!  She is very easy to talk to and responded quickly to all of our questions.  I would not hesitate to recommend Texas Home Study to anyone interested in adoption."

-College Station, Texas

"Cheryl is not only a wonderful home study provider, but she is a wonderful person overall.  From start to finish, Cheryl has made what can be a very stressful process, rather seamless.  She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and our home study was finished much quicker than we had anticipated.  Cheryl walked us through each step and made sure we understood what needed to be done.  She is quick to answer emails and is it is very easy to talk with her.  When we had our home visit, Cheryl made us feel comfortable the entire time and really got to know my husband and I as both individuals and as a couple so she could write the most comprehensive home study possible.  I would recommend Cheryl to any couple that is looking to adopt and we cannot wait to continue working with her in the future when our adoption is finalized."

-Richmond, Texas

"We really enjoyed working with you!  We especially appreciated your timeliness in responding to or questions and your helpfulness in dealing with the more difficult parts of the paperwork.  We were also happy to be working with someone who was so friendly and who made us feel at ease during the home study.  We also appreciated your being on schedule in completing the home study visit and politely requesting to arrive early.  We really felt that you surpassed our expectations during this process!"

-McKinney, Texas

"Cheryl was awesome! She was prompt to respond to my initial email inquiry and was very flexible and accommodating when scheduling the home study visit.  She was very efficient and made the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible.  Cheryl was very kind, gentle, warm, and very easy to talk to.  We felt very at ease with her.  I would definitely recommend Cheryl Duke of Texas Home Study to anyone wanting to pursue adoption!"

-Arlington, Texas

"Cheryl was great! Even though we live in a different city, she was able to quickly confirm an appointment.  She also helped us through the maze of paperwork that is required and ensured that our study had all of the elements needed for Texas and the state that we are trying to adopt from.  She made something that could have been super stressful, a quick and easy process.  Highly recommended!"

-San Angelo, Texas

"I can't imagine a better home study experience than we had with Cheryl.  The process can be intimidating, with all the official documents, background checks, etc. that are required, as well as the idea of someone coming into your home to interview you.  However, Cheryl made it easy.  She was always prompt at responding to my many emails, and she never made me feel like I was asking dumb questions or too many.  She happily traveled about 5 hours to get to our appointment and arrived on time, with a big smile on her face.  We felt completely comfortable with her and the questions she asked us.  She got our report to us much more quickly than we expected, and yet, she still apologized for the 'delay.'  There aren't words to say how grateful we are that we found Cheryl, and we highly recommend her to anyone needing an adoption home study."

-Flower Mound, Texas 

"My husband and I found the home study process to be thorough and really appreciated the prompt replies and responses from Cheryl to our emails.  The introductory packet with the required documents checklist was very helpful.  It definitely gave us direction about how to proceed since the home study process was so new to us.  Cheryl was kind and warm during the home visit and really did make it easy.  We got our home study evaluation back in two weeks after the home visit and that was very much appreciated.  I would recommend Cheryl to any family looking to complete the adoptive process and needing a home study."

-Corpus Christi, Texas 

"We appreciated all of your prompt replies and service, and your thoroughness in determining if our home would be a good fit for an adoptive child.  You were always easy to communicate with, whether in person or over email, and we would definitely use Texas Home Study if we had to do it all over again!"

-Austin, Texas

"Thank you so much for assisting us with our home study.  You were very responsive to our questions and made us feel very comfortable throughout the process.  We were not quite sure what to expect and you made the experience seamless.  We are happy we chose you as part of our adoption journey."

-Flower Mound, Texas 

"Thank you so much for all you've done to get our home study completed!  Thank you for being prompt, thorough, and kind.  We didn't know what to expect when we started this process but we are so grateful we connected with you and you led us through it, graciously."

-Austin, Texas

"We are so thankful that we found Cheryl.  Starting the adoption process can be scary and there are a lot of unknowns for first time adoptive families but finding Cheryl was an answered prayer.  She was available to answer all of our questions and guide us through the paperwork and necessary steps.  Immediately upon her arrival for our home visit, we realized that all of our worrying and excessive cleaning was unnecessary because she wasn't judgmental or harsh.  We completed our home study feeling encouraged, and energized for the next big step.  We highly recommend using Texas Home Study for your hopeful adoption."

-Sulphur Springs, Texas   

"Cheryl Duke is very personable and a pleasure to work with.  She was able to schedule our appointment quickly.  Our home study report was very thorough and we received in back in a timely manner.  We have already recommended her to some friends that are needing a home study.:

-Wills Point, Texas

"We contacted Cheryl when our family was in need of a completed Home Study to move forward in our adoption process. Cheryl was quick to respond to emails and super accommodating.  Her friendly disposition was evident in all communication. We were very nervous about completing the Home Study process, but immediately relaxed the moment that Cheryl walked through our front door.  Her professionalism and congenial personality allowed my family to feel at ease in what could have been an uneasy experience.  Cheryl was wonderful with our children and they were completely comfortable with her.  Her final report was thorough and very timely.  We couldn't have been happier with our Home Study process and would 100% recommend Cheryl Duke to anyone seeking these services."

-The Woodlands, Texas

"Cheryl was so easy to work with.  She helped us know which items on our big checklist we should do first, and which to hold off on.  I was so nervous to have someone come to evaluate our home, but Cheryl made us feel completely at ease.  She was great with my older children, and she made the whole process feel relaxed and easy.  We got our home study report back in under two weeks, and it was extremely thorough and professional.  Thank you Cheryl!"

-Dallas, Texas

"I came across Cheryl from a simple Google search, and I am sure glad I did!  I requested information online and received a response back from her within 30 minutes.  I was immediately impressed!  We were able to schedule our home study very quickly.  Even before meeting her in person, she helped calm my antsy nerves.  She makes you feel so comfortable, and keeps the conversation flowing like having a close friend in your home.  She was a joy to have in our home and I would recommend her to anyone needing a home study.  It was truly a blessing to work with her, and we already look forward to working with her in the future."

-Cleveland, Texas

"Thank you.  You really are amazing and I will recommend you to anyone I know needing a homestudy in the future.  Thank you again so much!!"

-Arlington, Texas

"Cheryl is beyond amazing she was nothing short of a God send, I was so scared and nervous about my home study (I heard horror stories) but honestly it was like chatting with a friend she made it the easiest part of this process and I'd recommend Cheryl to any and everyone!"

-Helotes, Texas

"I came across Cheryl from a simple google search and the reviews  listed on her website is what I was sold on.  It was truly a pleasure to have her in our home, that's the situation I was most nervous about.  You know those people that make you feel 'awkward' in your own home, she did not.  Cheryl was so prompt and timely with responding to emails, questions, and getting paperwork/final copy in our hands.  I loved that her fees were bundled, there were no surprises at the end.  When Cheryl sensed I was 'stressing' over the process of child proofing and the paperwork, she calmed me down and told me everything would be alright.  When Ms. Duke walked out of our house after we were through with the process my husband looked at me and said 'wow you did a great job selecting her!'"

-Portland, Texas   

"Your services have been extremely helpful.  You are thorough and prompt.  You were always very professional and did everything you could to help us along in this process.  In addition you were very friendly to us, and you made our daughter feel very comfortable.  The whole process with you has been wonderful!  You never wasted any time on your end.  You were always waiting on me for something.  Thank you!"

-Round Rock, Texas

"Cheryl made this experience very easy.  You hear stories about home studies being stressful, ours was stress free.  Cheryl made us comfortable and has great communication throughout our experience, we couldn't be more pleased."

-Round Rock, Texas


"Thanks so much for your part in getting this adoption done.  It was a pleasure having you to our home.  You made it, by far, the easiest part of this process.  I would certainly be glad to have you back should we ever go through this process again!."

-Prosper, Texas

"It was great working with you.  You were courteous, knowledgeable, and always quick to respond.  You made us feel at ease throughout the entire process.  We couldn't have asked for a better person to help us with the home study.  We sincerely thank you."

-Plano, Texas

"Thank you! You made, what we thought was going to be a super stressful day, very easy and pleasant!"

-New Braunfels, Texas

"Cheryl was a joy to work with, responsive, and friendly.  She was at our home within days of our first contact and worked within our schedule.  She interacted with a kind demeanor helping us answer questions openly and honestly, making what could feel like a very invasive process more like a casual conversation.  We highly recommend her services without reservation."

-College Station, Texas

"Cheryl was outstanding in every way.  She took what could be an intimidating process and made it painless.  She was thorough and clear in the preparatory documents, provided a helpful checklist, and was quick to reply to all communications.  We highly recommend her to anyone needing a home study."

-Austin, Texas

"I cannot express how much we enjoyed working with Cheryl.  From day one, she sent us every piece of paperwork we needed to complete with detailed instructions.  She was incredibly prompt with all correspondence, and all of her documentation was extremely organized and easy to digest.  She answered every question we had and clearly has a significant knowledge and expertise.  The actual home study visit was more like having a friend in our home to chat versus feeling like Cheryl came to evaluate us.  I would absolutely recommend Cheryl's services in the future.  She was wonderful!"

-San Antonio, Texas

"Cheryl completed our home study update at lightning speed (2 days).  She always responded quickly to emails and was very efficient.  Cheryl has a friendly and outgoing nature and went out of her way to help us out with our expedited update.  We have never had the process go this smoothly with other social workers we have worked with in the past.  I highly recommend Cheryl Duke to anyone that needs a home study in Texas.  She really takes the stress out of the process and is truly passionate about her work.  Her home study price is the most affordable out there you can find.  Cheryl does her best to simplify everything and get things done!  Whenever I requested documentation from her or had a question, I always received a prompt response.  Cheryl sent us our home study via tracked overnight shipping because she really cared about the importance of bringing our child home as soon as possible."

-Windcrest, Texas

"Cheryl was an absolute joy to work with and made the whole home study process so easy for us.  From day one, she sent us everything we needed and gave us a list of what she needed from us.  Everything was laid out for us, which is such a relief when you're dealing with the stress of an adoption.  I was nervous about our home visit, but she made us super comfortable and at ease.  She was so sweet and positive and made the whole visit totally stress free.  She was also quick to return emails and bend over backwards to help us on short notice.  I would absolutely recommend Cheryl to anyone needing a home study and plan to use her for any home study needs we have in the future."

-Leander, Texas

"Cheryl was amazing to work with!  She answered questions promptly and professionally.  She really calmed our nerves along the way with our home study.  I would definitely recommend her to my friends!"

-Houston, Texas

"Thank you for everything!  You made this process very enjoyable.  I would be lying if I said we were not terrified in regards to the home study.  But as soon as we opened the door and met you our worries immediately went away.  Your warm embrace and professionalism was something we will remember forever."

-Montgomery, Texas

"Cheryl Duke was absolutely amazing.  She made this whole scary process so simple and easy.  From the minute I met her I felt at ease and knew I had chosen the right person.  Cheryl was very informative, thorough and always answered any questions I had.  She knows what she is doing and she does it in a way that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  I can't thank her enough for being on this adoption journey with my son (Baby D) and I.  I would highly recommend

her services for anyone looking for a home study."

-San Marcos, Texas

"Cheryl Duke offers the best home study experience imaginable.  It is apparent that she loves what she does.  Our family needed a home study quickly, and Cheryl made time in her schedule to meet those needs even though she lives several hours away.  During the visit, she made my husband and me, as well as our two children, feel at ease.  The report was thorough and accurate.  We are so thankful for her ability and willingness to serve families in this way."

-Argyle, Texas

"We had a wonderful experience with Cheryl!  We didn't know what to expect and Cheryl answered every one of our questions quickly and thoroughly.  Cheryl also worked directly with our agency to ensure they both knew what to expect from one another.  Her visit put us completely at ease and we received our report very quickly.  We can't wait to work with Cheryl again!"

-Irving, Texas



"We just finished our home study process with Cheryl and had a wonderful experience.  She was always quick to respond to questions, and never made me feel like any question was too silly.  In our home visit Cheryl was very approachable, and made us feel at ease instantly.  We are very grateful for a much less intimidating experience through Cheryl than what you can read on some of the home study preparation websites.  We can't wait to have you come back (hopefully soon) to do our follow up and meet our little one!"

-Pearland, Texas



"We had a wonderful experience with Cheryl from Texas Home Study.  We were a little nervous about the process but she put us completely at ease.  She schedules the visits on the weekends which was really convenient for us, and she was very timely in all of her communications and the completion of the final report itself.  Her rates seem competitive and were better than what we could have gotten through our placement agency.  She was great about advocating for us in obtaining all the necessary forms from several states (we have moved around a bit in the last few years!).  Overall she was highly professional and a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to using her services in the future for any of our adoption related needs and would recommend her highly."

-San Antonio, Texas



"Thank you, Cheryl! You made our home study process much less scary.  I was so nervous when preparing, but once we met you we felt at ease and comfortable.  You were able to work directly with our agency and finished our home study quicker than I expected.  You seemed to go out of your way for us and we appreciate that more than you know.  We look forward to you completing our post placement soon hopefully!"

-McKinney, Texas



"Cheryl was absolutely amazing in helping us get through not only our first home study, but our post placement visits as well.  She was very thorough with her post visit reports and interacted very well with our son.  We will (and already have) recommended her to future people that are wanting to begin the adoption process.  Thank you!"

-New Braunfels, Texas 



"We had a great experience with Texas Home Study.  Cheryl was very easy to contact, very responsive, very thorough, and had excellent pricing.  She was friendly, always quick to answer any questions we had, and overall an excellent person to work with.  I can't say enough good things about her.  I would use her again.  She was also extremely knowledgeable and a good resource to work with.  We are very happy with her services and am very glad to have found her to use for our home study."

-Houston, Texas


"I appreciated the gentle and friendly manner in which you conducted our interview.  It was clear to me that you understood how stressful this process can be.  In addition, I was very satisfied with the quick way in which you submitted your report.  Thank you so much for that.  I know it was the holidays and yet you were very considerate and prompt."

-Livingston, Texas



"Cheryl did an amazing job facilitating our home study for our adoption.  Time was of the essence, and she wasted no time pointing us in the right direction and guiding us along the way!  Although this was our second adoption, and we already knew about what to expect as far as the amount of paperwork involved; she made even that task seem less overwhelming by keeping it all organized and more simplistic."

-Weatherford, Texas



"Thank you for everything you have done Cheryl! It was a pleasure getting to work with you.  I really appreciate you always getting things done so quickly."

-Little Elm, Texas



"We are officially a family of 5!  Thank you so much for your part in (Baby A's) adoption.  We could not have asked for a sweeter, more attentive home study provider."

-Buda, Texas



" incredibly nervous we were and how relaxed, comforting, and at ease you made us.  You made our journey such a wonderful experience and felt like we were old friends.  Thank you for that."

-Cuero, Texas



"We worked with Cheryl Duke for 2 1/2 years and have nothing but positive things to say about her.  She has great compassion for her clients.  When I first contacted her, she disclosed to me she was pregnant, and wanted to make sure I

was comfortable with that.  I remember thinking 'what compassion she has.'  Cheryl has always answered my emails in a timely manner and took great care in answering all of my questions.  She was also able to work around my husband's

crazy work schedule and come at times convenient for us.  If we decide to further expand our family, I will definitely use Cheryl again.  I highly recommend her."

-Spring, Texas



"When we began the adoption process I was so nervous that I would be in the dark about how our home study would go.  I was so relieved to find you on our team to help us get our home ready.  I felt like I was chatting with a friend! I always felt like any questions I had were normal and they were always answered so quickly! When our birth mom went into labor early I felt you went out of your way to help me tie up my loose ends.  I can't thank you enough for your amazing job!  I would highly recommend you!"

-Victoria, Texas



"I want to thank you on making the home study so easy!  I definitely stressed myself out but once you were in my home, I felt so relaxed and that was because of you and your personality!  Thank you!"

-San Antonio, Texas


"We were so happy to get an appointment for a post adoption home study so quickly and for the professionalism shown while in our home.  You were warm, friendly, and made the experience very comfortable and fluid.  It was a short visit but we were grateful that you took the time to share your opinion on a few adoption questions.  But the best part was how quickly you were able to finish our final report.  We were on a deadline trying to adopt our little girl ahead of schedule and you were more than accommodating to our urgent request.  Due to the prompt service, all of our ducks were in a row to petition the judge to keep our sweet (Baby M).  She is now legally ours and we feel so blessed."

-La Vernia, Texas 



"Cheryl with Texas Home Study is professional, encouraging and prompt.  She is comfortable and put us at ease as we walked through this unknown process.  She has answered all of our questions quickly and thoroughly.  Her report is also comprehensive in scope and composed in a way that is both easily readable and professional.  It was a treasure to see our marriage and family through her eyes.  Cheryl has extensive knowledge of the adoption process and helps prospective parents consider challenges that may not have been on their radar - discipline, birth mother contact, family dynamics.  We are thankful for her expertise and encouragement through this process.  We highly recommend her for home studies or other adoption related queries."

-Austin, Texas



"Our experience with Texas Home Study couldn't have been better.  Cheryl was kind, helpful, accommodating knowledgeable and more.  We enjoyed each of our visits with her.  She helped us feel comfortable with the process and we were always confident she knew what needed to be done in a professional and timely manner.  She was prompt to provide answers to questions and reports were completed quickly and thoroughly.  When we were faced with a challenge we hadn't dealt with before, she came up with a unique solution that suited our needs, met the appropriate criteria, and simplified the process for us.  Her rates are reasonable and competitive.  Should we ever need these types of services again, we will use Texas Home Study and give our recommendation without hesitation."

-Round Rock, Texas 



"I came across Cheryl and read her reviews online.  I called and emailed her and very soon received an email and call back.  I was very comfortable talking with her and set up a date immediately for her to come into our home!!  She is very good at making you feel comfortable and I definitely recommend her! She made a very stressful and scary process easier and comfortable.  Thank you." 

-Wills Point, Texas


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